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I’m seeing a lot of “trace master” stuff and i know it’s nothing new. People will always do things like that..
But I want to give a basic breakdown of what is okay and what isn’t for people who may not know!

When you see a custom drawing online from a Tattooer, a custom painting or a tattoo it is not okay to take this drawing or tattoo and get it tattooed or to tattoo it. This is someone else’s.
when a Tattooer releases flash it is perfectly okay to BUY this flash from the artist or distributor and then reproduce the design on a client or take it to a Tattooer at a SHOP and have it done.
It isn’t okay to take the flash you have not bought from the Internet and trace and reproduce the design. (Though who would know I guess?) but it’s good to use your integrity here.. I know it’s tempting..

There are other situations where referencing other people’s tattoos or flash is perfectly okay, but borrowing too heavily can certainly get you under the gun of people’s persecution.
Most anyone uses references from old books, the Internet, flash or photographs of actual objects and its 100 percent okay to use reference. It isn’t okay to trace out other people’s tattoos.

Why it isn’t okay -
The original artist spent a lot of time (usually) on this design. It came from hard work and Tattooers are not paid by the hour.
We are paid by the time we spend tattooing.
When someone steals designs that someone else invested time into its basically like taking money from them.
Here’s why -
This Tattooer spends x amount of time drawing and creating something and then someone else takes 10 minutes to print it off and use it for their own monetary gain.
They are taking the cheap route and it isn’t fair to the original artist.

I’m not posting this to be pretentious, but to inform people who may not know.
I didn’t know when I first started tattooing and I know my clients may be unaware of the rights and wrongs as well.

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